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Our Vision

TCM boosts up the human energy and expels bad energy or toxic materials from the body. Also, TCM is easy and has a no-side effect.

It will encourage your natural healing system in your body so you could enjoy the high quality of life every day.

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Everyone deserves

to know the natural healing system in their body and how to maximize it to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It's our mission to make the knowhow accessible to all.

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North York Acu & Wellness Centre is dedicated to providing top-notch care.


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Acupressure Massage

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Our Resident Practitioner

R. Ac Joseph Park

Diploma in TSTCM

Member KSRI (Korea Stimulus Reflexion Institute)

Certificate in Advanced Clinical massage course in OCU

Contact Information

Location 1

2 Kingsdale Ave. Unit 2A, North York, ON. M2N 3W1

It is located inside of Elysia Beauty Bar

Location 2

60 Connolly Rd. Lindsay, ON. K9V 0P4

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About us

In modern society, most people are exposed to lots of unnatural things such as unnatural light, unnatural foods and unnatural sleeping timing etc. This makes the human body vulnerable and increases the risk of disease.

The unnatural environment will hinder a human being’s energy to flow properly and decrease the energy level. In severe cases, It can cause the vital threatening diseases such as cancer or many unknown syndromes.

I have been founding the amazing work made from traditional oriental medicine from so many people in my life.

TCM boosts up the human energy and expels bad energy or toxic materials from the body. Also, TCM is easy and has a no-side effect.

It will encourage your natural recovery system in your body so you could enjoy the high quality of life every day. I hope you experience the benefit of the Oriental medicine and feel the differences.

Registered Acupuncturist

Jung kyu (Joseph) Park


Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture is the insertion of thin, metal needles to stimulate specific points of the body that reach meridians.

These stimulation points are called acupuncture points or acupoints. By doing so, it regulates the flow of qi throughout the body and restore health to the mind and body, thus balancing the yin and yang.

Acupressure Massage (Tuina)

Chiropractic, osteopathy, dorsal manipulation, acupressure.

Tui Na is a type of therapy based on TCM theories of Zang-Fu organs and meridians, but it also combines the anatomy and pathological diagnosis from Western medicine.

Like acupuncture, tui na involves the stimulation of specific points of the body that reach meridians. The main difference is that acupuncture uses needling techniques, whereas tui na uses Chinese massage and manipulation techniques.

Some common techniques include: gliding, kneading, rolling, pressing, pulling, chopping, and vibrating.

Tui na helps promote the blood circulation of the body, and enhances the qi blood supply. Tui na is used to treat a variety of pain, musculoskeletal syndromes, and digestive, respiratory and reproductive system disorders. Some common contraindications include: skin infection or epidemic disease.


Red Fire Cupping Marks

Cupping is a form of therapy that involves the suction of the skin and the surface muscle layer to stretch and be drawn into a cup.

Cupping is used to encourage the blood flow of the body and treat conditions such as acute or chronic pains, respiratory problems and musculoskeletal problems.

Moving Cupping

A gentle suction of the cup is applied so that the cup glides over the body. Different sized cups are used as we take into account the contours of your body.

Primarily, the focus for moving cupping would be on the back, however, our full body moving cupping will include coverage of your arms and legs too. Moving cupping is used as a precursor to fixed cupping to help stimulate blood flow around the body and to activate the lymph system.


Women receiving moxibustion treatment while sleeping

Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy in which mugwort (a commonly used herb) is burned on (direct moxibustion) or near the skin (indirect moxibustion). The purpose of moxibustion is to heat acupuncture points in order to stimulate the flow of qi and strengthen the blood.

There are two types of direct moxibustion: scarring and non-scarring. In the procedure of scarring moxibustion, the moxa is placed on an acupuncture point, burned and remains on the skin until it burns out completely. In the procedure of non-scarring moxibustion, the moxa is placed on an acupuncture point, burned, but extinguished or removed before it burns the skin.

Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Manual Therapy, Acupressure. Therapist


First time visit

(Assessment + Treatment)

Following treatment

Extended following treatment


60~90 mins

40~60 mins

70~90 mins

30 mins





The treatment could be a signle therapy or a combination of multiful therapy.

Here are the therapies available in the clinic.

  • Acupuncture needling
  • Electroacupuncture
  • Fire- needling
  • Cupping
  • Bleeding cupping
  • Moving cupping
  • Acupressure massage
  • Fascia massage
  • SBSD Foot Massage
  • ICT pulse massage
  • RF heat massage
  • Moxibustion (Indrect)
  • We accept credit card, debit card, cash, E-tranfer, Insurance direct billing.
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Special offer for all location until Dec/31 2023

$50 ->$40

for Cupping & Acupressure Massage

Special offer for Lindsay location until Aug/31 2023

$100 ->$80

for New patient assessment + treatment